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  • Black Eagle Gay Village, Toronto


  • christophbcn
    christophbcn reviewed Black Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    worst bear/leather bar i've ever been to
    went to the bear party at the black eagle tonight. easily the worst bear party in terms of the management of the bar i've ever been to. one had to stand in line to go upstairs to the bar, stand in line to go have a smoke, stand in line to pretty much breathe and the different levels were never even really "regulars" would be let through in front of everyone else...that's the kind of behavior i expect at a fashion victim/twink/etc. club, but not a bear place....i live in barcelona and i don't know of any bear place in europe that has such a policy....completely ridiciculous...and a shame too, coz the toronto bears looked pretty f*ing hot, but management and bouncer behavior was a complete 100% turn-off