60M. Culinary Chef 7 or so years in the Industry Le Cordon Blue Degree Would love to open a Restaurant Miss the guys @ WFM Fairfax I wish Encounters was still open ( Pasadena ) Lets Talk Food

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  • The Abbey Food & Bar West Hollywood, West Hollywood



  • chefrios
    chefrios reviewed The Abbey Food & Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    FINALLY, a place where summer never ends
    FINALLY, a place where summer never ends, if your into the outdoors then The Abbey is the place for you. If it is your first time there, you will not be sorry. If you like, candle light, art, good food, great drinks and do not mind smoke then the Abbey's for you. There is off street parking if you can find it or you can pay, way down the street there is a parking lot. Get there early or you will have to wait in line Yes, there is a line a long line to get in. As the nights get warmer expect longer wait times, afternoon seems to be the best for those who like their space. Great first date place or for those of us who like romance I cannot think of a better place. The crowd changes like the weather, it may take several visits b4 finding the right day or night for you. Bring a friend, talk, eat, drink and be Mary.

  • chefrios
    chefrios reviewed Circus Disco Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The last time I was at Circus Disco
    The last time I was at Circus Disco, "OH Yeah" now I remember it was 1987. It was a place where latinos, blacks and some whities would go. On Tues,it was boys night out so only men would go, everybody was dancing it was the place to be on Tuesday and on Friday it was gay night so both women and men would be here making a conection. You had to squeezeeeee your way through just to get your 242 drink min at the bar. I have a friend who ask me to go with him after a couple of , OKAY after several drinks at the bar of another gay establishment I said okay. The place was 1/2 full like my drink and I could only find young little boys and I do mean boys. I should have gone on a liquid diet 2-weeks before going there and shaved my head just to blend in. They should call it clone night it would have made more sense. Everybody at Circus, two words (The Abbey). Check List Get rid of the female whatever they are they Suck! Get a better sound system it's 2006 Gay whites have more money mix it up Blacks, Whites, Latino and Asians. Get rid of 18 and up to many GangBangers. They say History repeats it self Let's hope so Two words (The Abbey)