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  • Flamingo Nightclub Town Centre, Blackpool
  • The Flying Handbag Town Centre, Blackpool
  • Mardi Gras Town Centre, Blackpool
  • Kaos Bar Town Centre, Blackpool
  • The Street New Town, Edinburgh
  • charlotte.viertz
    charlotte.viertz reviewed Kaos Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Bar and Club
    KAOS Bar is a must place to hang out in Blackpool. The bar staff are friendly, attentive and the drinks promos make it a decent place to stay, dance or just meet new people from all over the UK as well as the locals. The DJ is usually a Drag artist and funny. People float in and out and the place is open from noon till daybreak sometimes. There is security on the door, which as a trans person is reassuring. Mixed crowd covering the whole LGBT spectrum with a few curious tourists thrown in sometimes. The girls loos are very basic which means when its busy you have a line forming. Dance floor is large relatively taking up much of the bar space and is often packed, usual smoke /dry ice and light effect all in all a good place to visit. Recommended not to be missed best going around 10pm onwards.