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  • Twisted Element Downtown, Calgary


  • carlwestdover
    carlwestdover reviewed Twisted Element Over a year ago
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    behind the times.
    Visiting family in Calgary I decided to stop by my old watering hole, Twisted Element. After wasting all of my hard earned pay cheques here in my youth, you would think the owner would by buy me a shot when he served me at the bar. Monopolizing Calgary's gay club scene you would think the tyrant could afford to show a once frequent customer some gratitude. Let me remind you guys that you are here because of us. Calgary's scene has seen better days before the Walmart of gay bars opened. Boring music (why no guest DJ's?.) No cover? who cares. I'd rather pay for first class than settle for coach. Try charging for cover instead of water for a designated driver (just read the review by Christina.) Someone needs drive your bread and butter home safely. What is really 'Twisted' are the 5-star ratings given by the staff. Pathetic. If you're a tourist wanting to experience the better half of gay Calgary check out the Back Lot - small seedy lounge, classically tucked away in the vintage gay fashion. Bad wine selection, but hey, we're rednecks after all. Many options for tipsy dancing nearby! Haven't actually had the chance to check out the Eagle but if it's anything like Vancouvers Pumpjack I reckon it will be a blast. Hope this review helped :)