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  • butchiegirl42
    butchiegirl42 reviewed Plan B Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Probably fine if you're a guy, not for women
    Which I find ironic for an "alternative" bar called "Plan B". I will say that when they first opened it was nice d├ęcor and seemed to have a lot of hope, and I really enjoyed the environment. They have a ladies night, and I know a lot of straight friends who will go there to dance, and I really looked forward to a place where queer people could go and feel safe. Unfortunately I noticed that as a woman, I have felt less welcome and less safe at Plan B than I have ever felt even at some of the most ridiculous regular "college" bars, and that is sad. I've noticed several things over the years -- often the bartenders are rude or will ignore women at the bar and it will take up to 10x as long to get a drink; women will not get treated with equal respect. Some nights, like fruit fest, a lot of my friends will be in town, and I know the atmosphere can be fun. I recommend going just about anywhere else. Even Woof's is more welcoming to women than this place is, and that's depressing because Woof's makes no pretenses about being "open".