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  • Tramps NW 39th Entertainment District, Oklahoma City


  • bullmilker99
    bullmilker99 reviewed Tramps Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Sunday afternoon rude young queens playing pool who think they are tops LOL
    I travel all over the world fior business with a MNC and have for years experienced gay nightlife from Buenos Aires to Hong Kong to Prague. Have been visiting Tramps on ocassional visits to Oklahoma for about 10 years now. it is a dive, but never pretended to be more. People have always been nice, except for this last visit when I observed a gaggle of local young queens playing pool. It's funny where you find attitude...they didn't have much to have attitude about, and I made no overtures and had no direct interaction. Nevertheless they were obnoxious. The type of patron is just as important as the location. less attiitude from real beutiful men in Paris gay nightlife than this pack of queens.