Brad C., 54M. Just an average blue collar guy who is real.I'm not into clubs,twinks,drama,queens or flamers. I like rock "n" roll music classic rock,hard rock,jazz,blues some swing and my favorite heavy metal. Politically I am conservative/Republican. I am also a Christian (but not a born again freak)I like playing guitar going to classic car shows and into muscle cars and motorcycles as well as scooters.I love animals specally cats big cats and house cats wonderful animals.I like lake Erie and going fishing when I can and like camping hiking,outdoors love guns and would like to try going hunting.Love history and science.Native Anerican culture,computers,video games.I'm also one who has done the gay bar thing for 10 years and is over it all a differnt world but i am a beer drinker and hell raiser who likes to have fun and cut loose.Amusment parks are fun i like movies too.I like going to my neighborhood strait bar to see my friends and get drunk also I mainly hang out at friends houses drinking relaxing without drama fights ect.I like silverdaddies and bears as well as crossdressers and the transgendered comunity as I am a crossdresser.I hate Lady Gaga,Cher,country music,rap,hip hop and show tunes as well as most plays and don't like ballet or the gay mens choir Don't like Britney Spears or todays pop crap kiddie music/bubble gum pop.I am openly gay but very strait acting.I am also a real mans man who likes real mature men no drama period.I love the 70's and 80's music too including pop.I am a huge Kiss fan a true Kiss freak and have been since I was 9 in 1976.I also like the Beatles,Led Zepplein,The Who,CSNY,Greatful Dead,Black Sabbath ect. radoi I listen to is either college or 98.5 WNCX or 106.5 or 97.5 and thats it. 50's to 80's R&B is good too. Sexually I'm open but a top.Anything else you need to know just ask.I'm also a hairy bear also a vet. I like gardening and landscaping have done it professionally for 25yrs.

Cleveland, Ohio
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  • Cocktails Cleveland Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland
  • Leather Stallion Saloon St. Clair/Superior, Cleveland
  • The Hawk Edgewater, Cleveland
  • Twist Edgewater, Cleveland


  • budman
    budman reviewed Cocktails Cleveland Over a year ago
    Loves it

    mixed bar
    Too all of you complaining about crossdressers where are they to go.The real gurls,crossdressers and transvestites go here no hustlers security camera.It is not the greatest area but better than mans world.This bar is for both leather and transgendered,drag queens don't go here people.I don't understand why not only in Cleveland buy gay as a whole outcasts crossdresser,transvestites and transexuals arn't we all supposed to be equal.I love this bar where i can go spend time with my crossdresser friends meet a transvestite and be myself.James is great patio is nice.Parkinglot needs retone though gravel uneven.The leather groups support the croosdressers ect. here to I've been on nites when it was both leather and crossdressers a nice mix.Every city has it's clicky bars ect. Leather is still here in Cleveland you just have to go on the right nite and Nail and Claw have events here too.I'd rather go here than the hawk or mans world even with crossdressers it's a nicer place and clean too.If you like bashing Cleveland stay the hell home in your city and don't come here then your city is not any better so just stay out of Cleveland we don't want or need you.Cleveland is a good town .N.Y.,and LA suck nothing but rude people.

  • budman
    budman reviewed Leather Stallion Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    patio fun
    I have always liked the LSS. It is a real mans bar older crowd I have never had my car broken into or felt unsafe leaving or going to the bar.this is a Beer drinkers bar. Patio is really nice and packed on sundays.The only thing I don't like about it is on sundays you cannot move to get to the bathroom or bar and people won't move out of the way even when you say excuse me.I had to scream make a hole for people to move and you also get groped like fuck too,not everyone wants to be touched like that.It's a silverdaddies,bears,chubs.sometimes leathermen bar.A blue collar type bar too.This is not for the yuppies, twinks, bounce or twist crowd.

  • budman
    budman reviewed The Hawk Over a year ago
    Loves it

    a hole in the wall
    The hawk is what it is a hole in the wall where real men go.It is what you make of it I've gone here for years on and off.I can say it's safer and cleaner as well as no huslers in the bar or drugs.Beers are reasonable priced juke box is good.It's the only gay bar I can go to without being hassled for playing heavy metal in the juke box.It's not a place for twinks or drama queens it's a neighborhood bar for the working blue collar guys to relax and drink there beer it is clean also bartenders are good too Chris is the best.There are no nazis in this bar they arn't gay.It's a real mans mans bar for people 30 and over not the twist or bounce crowd.At least I can go hear and not have to hear that god aweful lady gaga crap or getto hip hop rap noise.

  • budman
    budman reviewed Twist Over a year ago
    Hates it

    clicky racist bullshit.
    I went her with my partner who is black twice in 2007 never ever again. When we go out we go out to have fun and drink not be looked down upon because were not well to do yuppies.The bartenders are rude and ignore you when you try to get a beer.It took 15 minutes for us to get a beer when my partner got us a round when I went to the bar it was 5 minutes if that.Customers are stuck up and rude it is also very very lousd where you cannot talk to the persone next to you. I don't recomend this bar at all as it's not an all for everyone gay bar.