brian case, 50M. I'm gay and married to a woman for almost 21 years and we have agreed to call it quits and start are lives over. so heres a little about me: i'm 6 ft tall, 246 lbs (losing more everyday), i have blond hair and blue eyes. i'm a quite person most of the time, i love to read,love all types of music and movies. i LOVE the ocean and walks on the beach (like to do other stuff on the beach also) i also enjoy camping and taking day trips. i'm currently an employed truck driver (local trucking) looking for a better job. i am not into DRAMA my wife and i have agreed to start dating others (she found this site for me) and remain civil to each other, this is a peaceful seperation with no drama or any of the other crap a married couple would do during a seperation. any local guys interested in a date should drop me an email.

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