Brett Lewis, 40M. Precocious 32 yr old very mature male, no time for ignorance, hangups, vanity that one day u might not have... appreciate the things u have right now, bc tomorrow if they r gone, at least ull still be blessed w a positive attitude, goals, and hopefully also free from a cold, bitter shadow :-) I'm Not THAT opinionated, or stand-offish at all... I just felt like expressing a bit of the simple yet complex-minded nature behind what sometimes clouded eyes might see as just a simple and boring guy at first glance; many gay men tend to make judgements based on the same way a child's mind does the same. I know everyone probably had a distorted sense of reality on this, but I reall AM easy to be in the company of, fun to talk to, I like being around people and am usually witty w other outgoing people... I can be very nutty (as in silly, comical), deep minded, conversationalist, grouch, caring, daring, and too sexual for words! Ok im bored and done w this part. Lol. Next...

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