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bouchard joge, 59M. What separates me from the rest is I am intelligent and I am driven. I live in the moment, hardly spend time on social media, confidential, nomadic and real. My secret talent is the ability to love everyone. I've hardly ever been given a chance in this lifetime when I firmly believe I have something significant to offer to this world. One of my dreams is building an empire, saving lives, raising human consciousness and inspiring others globally through my work. I just don’t have the resources to execute these visions. I have several others. I am very spiritual and do not belong to any religious group. Other than that, feel free to message me. Hearts are okay, messages are better, face to face is best. I’m searching for real, serious, substantial connections. Not interested in fakers & paper gangsta’s. I enjoy vanity & would also like to get into the fashion industry at some point as I have true passion for it. However, I’m not a surface level, shallow 58 year old man, Hopefully, through this small window that I’ve provided, you can see that. well sometimes I cant help but break down in my apartment and cry my eyes out.. I moved out at 18 to escape from my abusive family and have had 0 communication with them for now almost 2 years. They have no idea where I live, what I’m doing, or if I’m even alive. Since moving out, the weight of Life has nearly crushed me. To be blunt, it’s been one of the most challenging, loneliest and depressing chapters of my life I’ve experienced thus far. I’m not desperate as I trust in the universe and everything happening for a reason, I’m just genuinely expressing what I’ve been dealing with recently.

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