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  • botija6
    botija6 reviewed Club Hispalis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    it is what it is
    I have been a fan since it open I go there 3 or 4 times a year. Do not expect a sauna like the ones in USA or EUROPE guys of all ages lots of them in there 20's and many bears out of shape it is a hit or miss place sometimes beautiful guys here and there some other times just ugly guys . No more web site , it gets crowded in the afternoons. Entrance 5500 colones around $11 dollars , hard liquor around $3.50 for the entrance fee you get a piece of rectangular cloth and sandals bring your own lube and condoms as they don't provide that, crow mostly into blow jobs rooms for free although they are not too much in use. The main action place it is the maze that's where mostly all the fucking and sucking goes. The same attitudes you find everywhere guys standing up against the wall watching the guys go by . Sometimes you find foreigners be that Europeans or from the USA mostly old guys looking for PYT's.The music is very bad the staff do a good job maintaining the place clean. It is a safe place in a safe area in case you wonder. It is located around the museum on the Main Street .Safe sex 50/50 some do bareback.If you are looking for a roll in the hay more than likely you'll find it.

  • botija6
    botija6 reviewed Hispalis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The same place, nothing new, bad music The facilities very clean. It is a big old house that was converted into a bathhouse .The clientele as I mention before paunchy old guys as in old saunas of the world but also young guys some attractive some not. I noticed that one of the screens for viewing porn in one of the corridors was turn off so one one of the saunas it was not in use There is no WEB SITE .All this I imagine to save money. As I mention before if you don't like Hispanics or other colors other than white don't waste your time coming and don't expect a sauna like the ones in the USA or EUROPE because it is not. If you don't care about all that more that likely you'll have a good time meaning a good shag in the times that I have been there I've seen no orientals and black guys maybe one.The main action ,the maze as it is very anonymous . The admission fee still 5500 ,drinks it depends on what you drink rum and coke $3.60 but basically everybody drinks beer because it is cheaper.The best that I can describe the place it is like foreigners who have never been out there countries imagine a whorehouse in THAILAND.The only difference is that is gay and sex is free.So if you want to clean up your pipes and don't care about nothing of the above you definetly must visit SAUNA HISPALIS

  • botija6
    botija6 reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
    Hates it

    a scary new trend?.
    I have been a fan of STEAMWORKS since it started heck even before it was STEAMWORKS it was THE UNICORN ( and yes I am still alive and kicking) after hundreds of visits to this great place. I have seen the transitions thru the years . The clientele has changed ( not too happy about it) but it is a sign of the times and one has to adapt all that said to say that in the last months I have noticed a trend I thought it was because it was certain days of the week but after a few months of going during the week I realized is the same every day but weekends. It used to be that you went during the week and it was fairly busy with attractive men and the not so attractive but nowadays it is just kind of empty and the clientele it is not much to look at last night just ONE. attractive young guy (ONE) The rest a bunch of plain unattractive guys sucking each other like if it was the end of the world. The queens running around from one end of the corridor to the next one in hopes of bumping with the guy that they just spotted a second ago.The young ones with a look of boredom probably because they cannot find any one that they like. I hope that the place is not dying down all this type of clientele can bring a business down ( business is business ) be that straight or gay Some of the rooms are very cold .The gas bill is probably horrible but give me a break. The spa was just remodeled but I think they should remodeled some of the areas so people get curious and go ,hike up the prices that would get rid of some people (some businesses practice that ) it is horrible but you want to save your business, who knows if it is kind of empty during the week because it is too cold ?too expensive? or guys are just hooking up more thru apps but whatever the reason the owner should do something that bring guys on weekdays. Otherwise the club will go downhill and that would terrible to contemplate The weekends are just as good as they always have been with those gorgeous CHI guys who have made my lay overs memorable all this past years. I miss not seeing you that often anymore now I just go and watch because for me there is nothing worth to be fucked by anymore. I have always recommended STEAMWORKS to everyone and overseas too now I still will recommended it but with reservations.the guys that work there they all seems nice and they do a good job . Good workers.