Kwan N, 36M. I love to dance. I'm a free spirit but also careful. Not into the scene but do like to visit once in a while. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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    questions about $
    So I'm from out of town and was curious about how the money situation works there. If I order a n $8 drink, how much am I supposed to tip the bartender? I wasn't sure what the standard is. Also, I understand it is $5 to use a private booth and $20 to have a dance/song . Does that money go the dancer or the the club? At first I thought it all went to the dancer but then I began to think it went to the club. I'm thinking if the money goes to the club, then the dancer needs to be tipped? What is the standard on tipping a dancer? I was also curious to know if the dancers are paid hourly with tips on top? I hope these questions don't sound like silly questions. Responses to these questions would give me a better idea of how to spend and how much of it when I'm there. I'm new to the scene and just would appreciate some advice. Thanks