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  • BS West Scottsdale, Scottsdale
  • The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Central Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Bar 1 Central Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix Central Phoenix, Phoenix
  • The Newsroom Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis


  • bigham
    bigham reviewed BS West Over a year ago
    Loves it

    SO fun, but watch your phone
    After so many years of visiting & living in Phoenix, I finally went to BS West two Saturdays ago. (I'm not sure why this listing is BS - even their website & signs in the club say BS West.) It has a very energetic vibe. The music was great, and lots of cute guys. Plus, the podium dancers in their skimpy undies were super yummy. I found people to be friendly. You can't expect everyone to want to talk to you, and I had no trouble getting drinks at the bar. My only problem on the night was that my phone disappeared. i don't think I dropped it, and I know I didn't lay it down. The pick pockets seemed active that night - the next day when I called, to see if by slim chance it had been handed in, the guy said I was at least the 3rd person who called for the same reason. SO, I will definitely be back - but my phone will be under lock & key.

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed Hyatt Regency Phoenix Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not bad
    This is a good hotel. If you regularly stay at 4/5 star properties, then this isn't anything super special; however, I had absolutely no complaints about my stay. I loved the large, round leather ottoman in the room. The best thing for me was its proximity to the convention center - I just had to stumble across the street each morning!

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Even the guys have fun
    Granted, I only go to Cash Inn because of the lesbian friends, but it is a hoot. Saturday nights it is packed wall to wall - lots of ladies of every shape & style. While it can take awhile to get a drink at the very busy bar, the staff work their asses off to get everyone served. The drag kings aren't my flavor, but are well loved by the ladies.

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed Bar 1 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Like this space
    The patio area is very unexpected. Not massive like Charlie's, but excellent for a neighborhood bar. I enjoy coming here to get the evening started. My experience here has always found decent service and a laid back feel.

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed Salsa a la Salsa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Different spin on Mexican
    I was with a colleague who had previously eaten at Salsa a la Salsa several times. He loved it, and I trust his taste in restaurants - so wasn't too afraid. The service was good, although not overtly "friendly" or bubbly. This was fine because the food was excellent. It wasn't the garden variety chain Mexican i get all the time in Phoenix. The recipes were well thought out, with a few unexpected twists. The only disappointment was their Spanish rice - it looked like fried rice from a food court Chinese restaurant with a reddish tint. Their grilled vegetables wowed me, and the pork tamale was excellent.

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed The Newsroom Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Worth a visit
    I only stopped in with a colleague to drink beer and watch the Suns lose to the Trailblazers. However, this place is large but is split up into smaller areas - so it doesn't feel like a cavern. To the right of the main room is a sports viewing den with two dozen screens - you can see from any chair in the room. Will definitely go back and try some food next time.

  • bigham
    bigham reviewed 8th Street Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great food, beer, & sports
    In Minneapolis for a week and have been to the 8th Street Grill twice (so far). It's an easy walk from anywhere downtown. The staff is friendly (although some are a bit slow). However, one waitress suggested a beer - and I'm not a huge beer fan - but I loved it. All the food was of high quality. My only disappointment was the queso dip. I know it's Minnesota, but my dining experience at Salsa a la Salsa was phenomenal - so I know the 'sotans can whip it out spicy. Anyway, I thing 8th Street Grill is a great place and will visit it again.