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  • 19 Bar Loring Park, Minneapolis
  • The Saloon Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis
  • Gay 90s Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis


  • barboy23
    barboy23 reviewed 19 Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Fun neighborhood bar!
    Great for when you want to just go out of a few or prebar. Kind of a hole in the wall but thats the nice part about it. The jukebox is fun and they also have pool and darts. Zach is the bartender to go to. He is so sweet and cute.

  • barboy23
    barboy23 reviewed JetSet Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Good for The Yuppy Gays.
    If you are looking for a sugar daddy in his thirties this is the place to go. It is fun and trendy but be ready to spend some cash because the drinks are pricey. Not usually to busy but a nice laid back atmosphere.

  • barboy23
    barboy23 reviewed Gay 90s Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Gay Bar?????
    It used to be a fun place but now is now a ghetto trashy hole in the wall. The new updated bar looks great and Gerty the bartender is awesome but the clientele sucks. I think they have new owners because the drinks have def. gone downhill. You used to be able to get strong drinks but now they pour like European bars. I've heard there are supposed to be upgrades but haven't seen much improvement. Hopefully they will make a comeback but it doesn't look good.

  • barboy23
    barboy23 reviewed The Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best gay bar/dance club in minneapolis!!!!
    I have been all over the world but there is nothing like Midwestern boys and the saloon is the place to find them. . . It has a a younger group with plenty of eye candy. The bartenders are fucking gorgeous and so nice. Brad in the front bar is my favorite because he is always smiling, shakes your hand and comes up with great drinks on the spot. The security could use a little work but are generally nice. All in all, if you want a young hip crowd, strong drinks, good music, and great bartenders the saloon is your place.