Brett Anderson, 53M. I am a middle aged male traveling to Australia in December for three to five months. I am a full time college student. my field of study is working with is either paralegal or psychology and working with the criminally insane. I have about one year left of study. I am coming to Australia, particularly Orange which is west of Sydney, about three hours for the time. Her daughter married an Aussie. We are going to be traveling about a month thru Australia in a camper which is going to be awesome! I have to spend a lot of time with my friend but also I want to see different things as well with out them. I know that I am going to Sydney for New Years and also see different sites there as well. I love amusement parks and theme parks. I read that they have one in Sydney as well as the Gold Coast! My favorite rides are the one you get an adrenaline rush with, particularly roller coasters! I would like to spend some time in the Gold Coast area. In that area I know that I do want to go to the Great Barrier Reef!!!!!!! I would like to check out the night life. I am not so much a bar fly but I do like going to different clubs. I like to meet and socialize with different people. I am very friendly and sociable. Also from socializing if a date happens to come out of it will be a bonus! I also loved to go to music concerts. Hey maybe I could catch a concert. My favorite musicians are Cher, Reba, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Pink, Britney,. I like pretty much all music accept Rap! I enjoy playing and watching sporting events. I love to play racquetball, football (American), baseball, and tennis. I am actually not to good at tennis. Hey who knows maybe I could catch a match at the Australian Open of Serena Williams. I enjoy hiking, would love to be able to go to the Blue Mountains. I love to camp, but with all the venomous things in Australia I think that I would be afraid to! I would really like to meet some nice gentlemen who I could become friends with. Someone to check out the sites with as well as maybe have some dates. Like I said I am a friendly person who loves to have all kinds of fun! Hey sometimes the kid in me comes out which I really enjoy. That usually happens at amusement parks.

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