dennis smith, 46M. About my humble self I have many hobbies, such as reading, Graphology, Psychology, Astrology, and Gemology, but a study of human behavior most fascinates me, particularly how they interact with one another. It is always good to share thoughts and opinions, with an ability to learn or acquire knowledge at all times. I am a genuine person, who seeks friendship and love. I have a passion for Classical music, together with middle of the road pop, but am open minded to all kinds of music, after all what would life be if we did not have music in our lives, If music be the food of life, play on.... First Date If we can establish a good commonality on which to base our friendship, then a friendship can be cultured which could lead to other possibilities, however, if there is no foundation firmly laid to build a friendship and subsequent relationship, then there cannot possibly be any beneficial need for both parties to develop so as to gain mutual love and respect. I am not keen to nature any kind of intimacy without first establishing what I've outlined, and once there is sincerity on both sides, I firmly believe that nature will take its course. I would never do anything to reject or hurt anyone's feelings, as to my mind it is not only demeaning to the other party, but can lead to crushing their self confidence, which is unacceptable behavior. So, let's seek friendship, love and intimacy in that order, if the opportunity arises, and do it over a period of time, without rushing to win the gold prize !!! By being patient, the gold prize can be won, believe me. Do hope we can be friends and our friendship is well established. Cheers

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