32M. My name is Adam, and I live in Washington, DC. I like traveling and sharing my thoughts on DC, urbanism, life as a marketing manager and life as a gay man.

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  • JR's Bar & Grill Dupont, Washington
  • aw_dc
    aw_dc reviewed JR's Bar & Grill Over a year ago
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    Music Videos
    Sometimes you just want to grab a drink, hear some good music and watch the world go by as you talk to your friends. JR's is the perfect place for this. This music video bar attracts men of all ages, and always has a great selection of music vids playing in the background. No dancing is allowed, in theory, but sometimes after a long week that's all a man needs. If the following statement sums up your mood, then you should definitely go here. "Give me my beer and my Kylie please. I'll be in the corner catching up with my friends."