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  • Hawk's Gym & Spa Commercial Center, Las Vegas


  • atlmid
    atlmid reviewed Hawk's Gym & Spa Over a year ago
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    Saw there was another bath house in LV and read the reviews that were not all that flattering, well, they must be planted from the competition because when I decided to make my first visit, the place is very nice, clean and upscale as any bath house could be. May not look all that much from the outside but inside, they really did a great job of making it all look nice and keep it clean. Compared to Enterauge, Hawk's is many steps a above and not run down. The staff is super nice and the clintele is as varied as any other. This is the kind of bath house I would expect to find in Vegas. I hope everyone gives them a chance and they continue to be successful. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to play.