50M. I am most own best friend, with whom I argue, yet I still like each other. _________________________ Art tripper and web designer cradling a mercury laden tongue and quick silver mindset, found his Big Bad Wolf who now hangs with the ultrasuede kind. Enslaved by the urban life style while sporting a straw hat, this multifaceted aStro caT enjoys hanginâ with his imaginaries, flying under the radar, and slicing his brains to the levels of dj's, artists, chefs, and the groupie-like types while his conceptual stunt double engages in the contents of Pandora's box. _______ Yes, I've entered several coloring contests and my arch nemesis, Tiffany, grade 3, better watch her step. That's MY sundae she's trying to win. ______ In other words I enjoy walks on the beach, fine wine, palatable culinary, passionate conversation, long kisses, and the goat's head I staked in the front yard. keeps the squirrel heads company. ______ Being recently widowed I've time to think about my own demise. It's unanimous. When I die I'm donating my body to the Necrophilia Association. ______ Got a UFO parked over the garage. Just ask one of my 3479923984792465 imaginary friends. ______ This message was approved by the church of me.

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