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  • Low Tea at the Blue Whale Fire Island Pines, Fire Island Pines


  • archangel
    archangel reviewed Low Tea at the Blue Whale Over a year ago
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    Great Place! (bartenders make anyone feel at home)
    I checked out LowTea just this Monday to find out about the place and have a good time and indeed it is a great bar to hang out. Very good music and excellent spot just beside the dock. I would certainly recommend this place to my friends. But bartenders, if you see any newcomers at your place please make them feel welcomed, whether they're Asians, colored, or however different. Not all gays that go there or might want to go there are 'Stepfordy' as you maybe used to most of the time. Your bar is great but please don't be indifferent, be gayfriendly to all. You have a very great place!