Angelo Martinez, 39. Well, we are all defined by many different factors, the ones we chose to allow to define us, or who we really are, at least to ourselves. With that being said, I would think of myself as a hopeless optimist. Always search for the good inside of everyone. To often disappointed by expectation. Love and loss has molded me. [Although] I am still very young. I have had been fortunate enough to have had my eyes opened to truth. To the truth about the world, to truth about you, and most importantly to the truth about my self. My name is Angelo Martinez, the last 10 years of my life has been like an unanswered question, little did I know I've always had the answer. Like a fallen angel I became a philanthropist so pay for the countless sins of my past. Fear of judgement from society kept me in ambitious, fear of judgement from myself kept me inhibited. Today is a new day, a day I no longer ask for forgiveness, I've learned that I really am a great guy and I don't have to worry about proving it, my track record speaks for itself. A leader in the LGBTQ community and father of The Noir Family. I am also a model, political/community advocate, human rights activist, actor, public speaker, youth empowerment specialist, and HIV/AIDS Educator. Currently I'm working as a peer health educator while attending school to further my credentials in public health. I have a plethora of life experience under my belt, have traveled extensively, and am looking forward to a rich and rewarding existence. IÃ

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