42M. I am a down-to-earth, country, guy (how I was raised) who likes people who are real and genuine. I cannot stand fake people... or people who are pretentious. Sad to say, but Dallas seems to be full of people like that. But, we still have our flock of genuine folks as well. I am a bartender right now. Lost my position over a year ago in the corporate world... so bartending is what I'm doing right now. I'm just grateful to have a job with the economy the way it is. I work at the Roundup Saloon in Dallas, TX... the best gay bar in the world... in my opinion... and it's been voted that by tons of other venues. I have a great "family" there. I have a wonderful partner named Josh. I can really mean it when I say that he's my other half. I love spending time with him, my friends, and my family. I like going to restaurants, going for a drink, movies, outdoor events, cooking, reading, and music is my passion. I am a singer and have been for years. I was raised singing in the church so Gospel music is a lot of my background. My greatest achievment was to record and sing with Kirk Franklin on his "Rebirth" project. That was the highlight of my life in most aspects. I still sing at church. I attend Cathedral of Hope... and sing with Voices of Hope. I love the church, the staff, and the people there. I've attended since 2002 and since then, no other church would feel like home to me. I plan to start school again in the very near future... as to what I will study... that is still yet undecided. I am still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up.... LOL! Hopefully, I'll get an idea soon.

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