30M. I am an experimental young guy who's easily get turned-on when challenged. I'm willing to take risks just to please my partner. Say it and ill do it for you dude. You will be surprised what I can do just for you. I may look handsome and naive but be ready to see my dark side, the in and out. I am also passionate and sensual. I want to be cuddled (or more) all the time. I'm young and full of energy. I'm looking for fun with no string attached. I love sex but don't get me wrong am not a sex addict or maniac. I can go all night long. Can you keep up with me? I love going out. I party hard, so if you want to go out for a wild night, we'll get along just fine.. Let me rock your world! I like to do the nasty things anywhere, anytime and anyone as long as they are worth it, if you know what I mean, I'll surprise you with something you never knew...

Atlanta, Georgia
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