Staci Akaino, 46F. I love quiet nights at home ( or not so quiet ones), with a special person ...cuddling is a must. I absolutely cannot tolerate people who are too " touchy feely" with others and constantly require the attention of others. I want a woman that can be both my best friend and lover...attentive, affectionate, logical and passionate .I would love to find the one that I will marry ...I am originally from the Bronx/ Staten Island New York. I love do it -yourself projects on cars and in the home. I love driving, ...I can drive anything on wheels I love feminine women who have an aggressive streak...usually found in Spanish/Hispanic women. I am a stud but enjoy keeping my hair long and wearing light / natural looking makeup. I am currently about to begin a MAster degree program in Behavioral Science ...I just completed my Bachelor degree in Behavior analysis. I am not a partying type, so you won't find me at the club on weekends, although I do enjoy a night out on the town every now and then. I enjoy deep conversation and thinking outside the box....I am looking for the awesome, sexy, woman that will satiate all aspects of my personality.

Hollywood, Florida
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