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  • Oasis The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • alfa
    alfa reviewed Oasis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A drugstore!
    More than 80 percent of young or mature guys are looking for drugs, meth, in this place. Directory knows about that and they do nothing but opening the door 24/24 for a famous known drug dealer who pretty lives there. You can be witness of many clients smoking cigarettes, pot and some of them with their glass pipes in their hands at this place. There is no dress code thus some heterosexuals for buying drugs completely dressed walking around, rude, impolite and sometimes homophobe and you name it. Right at the entrance door there is some big signs in french forbid people to smoke, but in some areas breathing is pretty impossible because every dude is smoking something. There is no doubt that drug is a part of business of this place, I'm wondering how police doesn't do anything about it. It is a dirty place and what is the most important is the least service to gain the biggest money. Not recommended if you value your health.