Alexia Alverson, 38MTF. Transgender girl (MTF) dressing occasionally to go out, enjoy an evening and have some fun. I am not looking for some attached relationship, I am happy the way I am. I am being tested regularly just to be sure, not because I play too often. I am a bisexual person, I enjoy both genders, but my preference are men who are top (I am strictly a bottom with men). What am I looking for? maybe an open relationship with no attached strings? not sure.. Someone I can trust and go out? probably.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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  • Rainbow Mountain Resort Hotel Mountains, East Stroudsburg


  • alexiatvpa
    alexiatvpa reviewed 941 Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great for afterhour and for any hours
    I go there once in a while. Very accepting for trangender/cross dresser. Scene is great, love to dance.