Alex Mack, 65M. Man lovin' man, 55, 5'11", 200# lt brown hair, blue eyes, bottom mostly, up to 6" avg. thickness, cut, loves foreplay, esp. kissing and touching, nipple play, frottage, massage, oral and anal play, only fetish is fisting and some toys.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  • Bike Stop Washington Square West, Philadelphia


  • alex1063
    alex1063 reviewed Bike Stop Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not All the Bears Went Over the Mountain
    Formerly a 5 Star "must be seen at" bar, the Bike Stop has changed, like who goes there now. The bikers still get there "when in Center City." There are other places to go now. Leather men show up elsewhere too. Pit Stop still is THE BEST for leather and accessories in Philly. The Happy Hour program is awesome to see; best in Philly. Sports and Dance levels are as hot as the customers make it; and they can be hotter! When they decide to upgrade the lights (replace burned out ones) I hope they clean first. I always wanted food service there too. A decent sandwich. But to this day I miss coming in and being greeted by my favorite barkeep and getting a little "sugar" to start off the evening. Yes, I still drop in now and then to rub heads with the twinks hoping to see more of the ol bears who went over the hill. The history and body of Gay knowledge there is a phenom to experience and with respect to safety, you can have so much fun there.