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  • 801 Bourbon Bar Duval Street, Key West
  • Bourbon Street Pub Duval Street, Key West
  • Saloon1 Duval Street, Key West
  • Fun Hog Ranch Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas


  • ajtravelswbe
    ajtravelswbe reviewed Bourbon Street Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    They know how to pack a house
    Joey and the staff of BSP always pack a full house full of the hotties in town. Great place to see and be seen. Drinks are strong as ever and almost a bit better outside in the pool area. Watch out for the foam parties...it stinks but it's a lot of fun!!

  • ajtravelswbe
    ajtravelswbe reviewed Saloon1 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great for the exhibitionist in you
    Great little place in Key West to get your freak on. Always an odd crowd, but if you've had a few drinks you'll be trading underwear with the bartender in no time...wait...was that just me? Oh heck...at least participate in the big dick contest!

  • ajtravelswbe
    ajtravelswbe reviewed 801 Bourbon Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great mixed crowed!
    As a Key West repeat offender, I've gotten used to the plethora of straight tourists off the cruise ships. 801 always has a GREAT show and Brad knows how to pour liquor strong! It's always a great time and even more fun to watch the cringing biker-dudes while their wives sing along. Love it!