Andrew Crawford, 31M. I am unconventional, creative, absurdist, spontaneous, expressive, resourceful, a seeker of potential in people, and an urge for finding new possibilities. I was in university for what seems like centuries at this point. I planned on graduating with three Bachelor of Art degrees in Psychology, Physics, and Linguistics. Yes, I know that sounds as if they correlate as much as a North Korean prime minister and the Nobel Peace Prize. But, I am specializing in Neuroscience with a respective interest in Cognitive Linguistics which I want to apply to the new field of Neural Engineering. But now that i have been given time to reconsider many thinks in my life and what I want to be happy. I am just considering going back into bartender for a while and finish my clinical psych degree. What am I very good at... I'm going to keep it simple; making people smile and laugh, and just generally bring up someone's mood. The other more personal things are reserved for demonstration to only select people haha. The first thing people notice about me? You tell me. I'm not one to think of what others think about me I have enough time spent thinking for myself than to worry with that. The six things I could never do without? My brain, my heart, my lungs... oh, you weren't being literal. My brain, my heart, my personality, good people, being around others with a sense of humor, and around people who can read this and know that I didn't truly repeat myself; you just have to think figuratively. I spend a lot of time thinking about? The mysteries of the Universe.... yeah, that sounds lofty enough to make me sound like I have substance without making out like a prude. ;) On a typical Friday night I am _____. I am usually looking for things to do. I just moved here so I don't have I guess a "well built" social circle as of yet. So, maybe if the right person asks me to go out or even hang out. It will be something to do on a Friday night. The most private thing I’m willing to admit? Loaded question. If I say something and its not so out there people with think I'm not interesting enough. If I say something way out there then people will see me as too crazy. So, I'm going to keep it safe here. But, if you want a good funny story ask me about locker rooms, shower, noisy people, or well the list could take up too much space I'll leave it at that for now. You want to talk obviously, but it's a bit harder to get my attention if you just send "What's Up?" or just "Hey", forewarning. If you can make me smile or more so laugh then you're on the right track. Then again if I already have met you its no to efficiency your personality is horrible

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