Diego Gil-Garces, 36M. I am . . . simply myself :) No more, no less Ok, let's say a little more than that^^ lolz Well, I'm rather calm, laid-back and idealistic n' tend to be quite the gentleman/kind towards others (unless you're rude) I'm a real donut freak^^ btw haha (Luv doughnuts any kind/brand is welcome as are any kind of sweets- brownies, cakes, cookies, etc. but not too much given my hypoglycemia) I Love spending time with my boyfriend *kiss him*, playing video games, being furry, watching anime, reading books, exercising/walking, doing kendo/aikido, studying metaphysics/reiki, achieving inner peace/balance and striving to become a better human being each day (very important to me) But blah, blah blah enough abt that just say hi n we'll talk k^^? *hugs* Take care! N' thanx for passing by!

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