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  • Bar le Cocktail The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • Worstbarever
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    Cocktail bar montreal
    I visit the bar 2 times and its a bar like every-other bar you can fin in Montreal. The bar name does not reflect what they serve . No special drinks . Drinks taste to sour or missing something that wakes the drink special or good you must come back,you better going to a bar next door you can get the same drink and better.bottom line drinks suck ! My rate drinks. 4 out of 10 ! I tried 7 terrible drinks . The Ambience is very nice , it's got a modern and glamor style on the second floor it's more died and a fire place not open! My rate 9 out of 10. the service , at the bar they serve fast and messy and friendly, the have a show at night that is great and fun .when the show over they closes the upstairs lounge even if you are relaxed and NOT FINISHED YOUR BAD DRINK ! Not even last call they closes the floor! What a waist of place! Dj is okay he does not create his own play lists dj downloads playlists of komp3 .net , dj play a cd i download of the web , dj played the same tracklist per tack same cd! My rate 5 out of 10!