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  • Vault 139 Central, London


  • Wolfie11
    Wolfie11 reviewed Vault 139 Over a year ago
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    Stay away!
    This is a great place if you are HIV+ Or has got any other STD and want to pass it over to others. Most people there regardless of their age have unprotected sex. Most of the guys look like they have just been released from jail. They look scary and intimidating ready to bareback and contaminate with their disease the next victim. I assume most of people who go there and have unprotected sex are already caring HIV and don't care about contaminating others. I saw the face of DEATH everywhere! I felt like I was transported to the vaults of HELL full of corpses crawling in the dark corridors and corners during the 15 minutes I was there. The place is very dark, small without any privacy even inside the cabins. It smells really badly cum, shit and piss. Going there made me appreciate my life and health so much and being forever grateful for the conscious choices I made in my life.