Whisperin' Bill Anderson, 85. I never would have guessed I could join a gay blog group. But its my birthday and I'll join if I want to. I came along in the days before television, of course, and radio was my connection to the outside world. I first heard country music on my dad's little table model Philco radio. Back then we were discouraged to openly admit our sexual preferences. I endured two unhappy marriages and had 3 children to protect my parents' reputation. My children are grown and my parents are gone... so there's nothing to prohibit me from being myself. I still shy away from the gay spotlight. I need to work on that. I'd Like to be as out as Neal Patrick Harris,( I love his little ass) admit to the world how much I love wearing my tight white pointy toed boots in public. I have a young hottie road manager (Lee Willard) to accompany me on those long lonely road trips. We have been together for about 6 yrs. We frequently like to add some spice to our relationship by fraternizing after a show. We often sneak out with some local guys to tour a city with stops at all the best gay clubs and bathhouses. We love it when another couple or even a third person will join us for a little fun. Ya'll can check my web site billanderson.com and look me up when I 'm in your area. I'll be looking for you in the autograph line after the show. Just quietly let my road mgr Lee know that your friends of mine. he'll arrange an after show party.

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