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    I'm 20 yrs old and sad to say I'm a complete virgin. So one night I was watching porn then for some reason I started searching for some things and landed on The Zone website and I was very intrigued for having a place just 2 miles away from where I live; so I took my curiosity and drove all the way there at 12:30 midnight just becoming Friday. Completely nervous, I got there and gave my car to the valet guy who seemed very nice and I walked inside and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who told me about their facility. After I paid, I went in and was in shock how dark it was inside with stairs right across the entrance leading to who knows where. I am a very sheltered guy so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I chose a way and was lead to the 3rd floor. The place was looked completely deserted so I was a bit disappointed until a guy walked towards me and started groping and touching me! Unfortunately for him he was not my type so I told him " I'm okay" and kept with my exploration. I didn't know what to think, or do; I was just walking around aimlessly waiting to see something exciting or be lured by a hot guy. I just kept walking and walking, up and down the stairs, there were a few more guys that showed up, I was very interested in this tall muscular bald guy but I was too shy. Not once, I went in any glory holes, seemed too risky for me and I actually wanted to see the guy. Then at the 2nd floor I saw a guy watching porn and a young guy approached him, turned by back to them and went back he's blowing the hell out of him, walked a little bit more around, returned and now he's fucking him which to me was really fucking hot, two of them fucking out in the open for people to see. I was very anxious, when wil it be my turn? The other guys just walk by without saying any words, looked at me, smile, and some even followed me around but they weren't my type at all. There were different ages and different ethnicities. After an hour or so I was fed up and approached a guy, could be around my age and asked him if he wanted to go up and I'd blow him, he was a little worried that there were no glory holes but he said okay and we met upstairs. I wanted to blow him by the stalls with just a fence to close. I was so nervous, he unzipped and I groped his cock and my instincts kicked in and sucked him. It was a weird experience, too bad he couldn't get completely hard because a crowd was watching us so we just called it quits and I went home. I didn't know what to think with this experience, maybe more guys just had to be there, maybe I'll come back for more :).