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    WayneW reviewed Warm Sands Villas
    Over a year ago

    Horrible ....Beware

    We've stayed here multiple times over the years but never again. The new owner is a liar and a bully. He doesn't tell anyone that checks in that it's no longer a gay resort or, calls them the day before check in after it's too late. We found out by lying at the pool through other guests. We went in an asked the manager/owner at the front desk about it and he argued with me told him I knew and that he explicitly told me when I made my reservation. When I told him we were going to check out and find another place and would be expecting a refund he screamed at me across the lobby "you will get no refund". I feel really bad for the straight couples that checked into this place this weekend. The website says it's a boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Springs. It's a dump and we've all put up with it for years since we live the vibe by the pool. Everyone around the pool had the same experience. At least I was evicted like diabloblanco that stayed here in March for discussing by the pool! Since he tried this same thing at the resort next door you'd think he'd have a clue.