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  • The Clubhouse II Downtown, Fort Lauderdale


  • WastchMePlay
    WastchMePlay reviewed The Clubhouse II Over a year ago
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    Laid Back and Affordable
    Cute is a word I would use to describe the Clubhouse ii. This is where I like to go to appreciate a bathhouse which is both friendly and responsive to ones needs. The prices are quite affordable. It is not as large as others but utilizes what space it has in providing excellent accommodations and play areas. I do enjoy the hot tub and dark room most of all as well as walking through the maze type set up throughout the building. Those two areas receive a lot of traffic which is what makes them so exciting. I really enjoyed having some of the other patrons reach out, grab, and caress me as I walk by. That alone makes me want to return. The variety of play areas which aren't even mentioned in this review is mostly why I will keep returning.