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  • Barcodes Orlando Downtown, Orlando
  • Vmtr
    Vmtr reviewed Barcodes Orlando Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Decent place
    I visited this bar on a recent trip to Orlando. It's a decent place with good bartenders. Went on underwear night - wish more patrons took part. It seemed to be a little less smoky than some other bars. Also - there's something fitting about a gay bar that requires its customers to "enter in the rear".

  • Vmtr
    Vmtr reviewed Stonewall Bar Orlando Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun neighborhood bar
    I don't know where some of the negative reviewers got their information. True, the bar is in a run-down neighborhood but not to the extent that others describe. The bar isn't dirty but is a little too smoky in my opinion. It obviously wasn't decorated by Martha Stewart but that's a good thing. No one hassled me to buy drinks (after all, it's a bar and everyone is there to drink). The staff and patrons are good, fun people. And, I went on underwear night which is great. I will definitely go back the next time I'm in town.