58M. I'm a divorced father of six children, living single now. I've been gay all my life but wanted a family. My ex new all about me prior to our marriage. Tried very hard to make it work, but there was something always lacking. Finally accepted that I needed to live my life for myself and quit trying to please everyone else. (Some may think that selfish on my part, but it was having very adverse affects on me in various ways and the only way to save me and my family was for me to do as I did.) I am much happier now for the most part, but have to admit that I do miss having my children around me all the time. It's been two years and everyone has begun adjusting to things as they must be. I love music, singing and dancing. I enjoy traveling when I can and doing things outdoors like hiking, camping, exploring new places, and simply loving life. I love to read when I can, though I am attending college online and giving most of my reading to academics instead of pleasure. I enjoy cooking and entertaining small groups of friends. Anything else you would like to know about me, simply ask. I'm fairly open about my life and I'm not into false pretenses. You need to like me for who I am and not someone I am trying to be to get others to like me. Besides, the real you comes out eventually and I would rather there be no surprises. Would like to make some real friends on here.

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