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    Hope to see alot of guys at the Sauna on Saturday, 1/12/13. Especially looking for my shy guy who I haven't seen in awhile. Let's reconnect
    I will be at the Sauna on Saturday 01/12/13 and hope to see some friendly faces and bodies there. Especially a nice guy I met there twice in the fall of 2011 and w eplanned to hookup at Holiday Inn, Superior. You never showed. Would be fun to connect again What a treat to just hang around naked or in a towel all evening. Maybe hang out with a hot guy. Though old, the sauna is huge and actually great. Love being able to shower off whenever sweaty for any reason. I felt the lockers were secure and the staff extremely friendly..The clientele can vary from alot depending on the day and time of day. There are plenty of rooms for guys to hang out, and I have found a few pleasant surprises. So, go there. If your expectations aren't too high you will have a great time!