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  • Charlie's Southeast, Las Vegas


  • Triplestar80
    Triplestar80 reviewed Charlie's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Rude and cowboy pretentious
    I walked into this bar thinking that I would be welcomed with down home country hospitality, WRONG. Even though I don't fit the stetson wearing, wrangler sportin clientele that this bar seems to covet, I still enjoy country music and having a great time line dancin with my friends. The music was good to listen to, but waiting at the bar for over ten minutes for a bar tender to even acknowledge my presence, totally turned me off. When I was finally served, I felt like I was a total burden and should feel bad about ordering a beer. I felt this was the type of bar that restricts its hospitality for those that "fit" its "preferred" patrons rather than embracing the diversity that our community celebrates. So close to pride weekend, I would think this establishment would favor having new comers visit their digs; however, new faces seem to be unwelcomed and discouraged from venturing into this bar that lacks any sort of couteousness that one would expect. Thank you Charlie's staff for saving me the hassle of ever considering wandering in again.