Trey Jacobs, 46M. A bit about me, hmmm, well if I see a tall mountain or building I want to stand on top of it and look down upon the world. Given the choice I'll take the stairs or hike v's the lift or drive. I tried to bulk up in the gym, did ok, but dont think its my thing. I'm in the cinema a lot. I'm quite organised and disciplined, a wiz with personal finance and love to hunt down the best price on big purchases. I like Sci-Fi movies and thinking outside the box. In order to be content I need to be creative, whether thats writing, photography or property renovation. Id like to make my mark on this world with my writing. Your welcome to take a look at a couple of my blogs if you like, there are some fun photos to keep my rather long stories a bit more interesting. I've ridden a horse a couple of times, but its always been in tour groups. More a case of I sat on them while they went into auto pilot. I love the idea of really riding one with my cowboy hat on and getting out in the countryside. Activities that bring out my 'inner man'. As for my level of gayness, I'd say I'm in the middle. Not a mans man, not a flamer. I can look straight but I'm happily not so I dont pretend I am. I honestly admire men, big burly men, but that will never be me. I dont have much interest in cars or what makes them tick; except Jeep Wranglers (sport) which I cant help but think the most fun in the world. Currently Im an Australian living in Scotland looking to move to the USA. What can I say, 12 years here and I am over it. I can no longer deny I need SUNSHINE and hot weather in my life. I married my man from Little Rock and look to move over to be with him early 2015. Would love to communicate with anyone and everyone. Cheers

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