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  • Beck's Motor Lodge The Castro, San Francisco


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    TravelingGuy reviewed Beck's Motor Lodge Over a year ago
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    I stayed at Becks this week and for the first time in my life I was a victim of nasty homophobic attacks by a motel employee. The night-time front desk/security guy came up to me and a friend and questioned us for no reason. We are both clean cut "normal" looking guys and he had no motive to do so, other than the fact we were holding hands (we also over heard him say anti-gay remarks in filipino dialect). The security guy then called the police on my friend who was talking on the phone outside my door as he was about to leave. The police came and I was able to clear everything up, but it was obvious the Becks employee had an agenda. I have contacted several sources in Castro and I am encouring a boycott of this motel till they fire that homophobic employee. PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THAT MOTEL and send a message that we won't tolerate that behaviour!