Travis Stokes, 42. I'm the energy released when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object- Trav.Nation Hey everyone,My name is Travis L. Stokes I'm from Easley, South Carolina born and raised... Do It BIG E TOWN...I ATTENDED college at Morehead State University, where I was Homecoming (2001) of the University and the CHI OMEGA HOOTTERMAN and I was a Cheerleader there as well.....AMONG OTHER THINGS LOL and then I transfered to my CURRENT location Florida International University in Miami, Florida. I'm a Former Cheerleader at FIU(Current Coach) and Top Gun All Stars, Current Grad Student and Model...I'm very involved here at FIU and in the community, My life is filled with awesome/amazing friends and great family. I'm just a fun loving, easy going, very OUTGOING person who loves to have a great time. I am so BLESSED to have all that I have.

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