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  • Tia Maria Jose de Diego Santurce, San Juan
  • SX Condado, San Juan


  • Tonkatruck
    Tonkatruck reviewed Tia Maria Jose de Diego Over a year ago
    Hates it

    It's a good place to meet locals. Can be incredibly crowded in the evening. The clientele tends to be in their 30's to 40's mostly. Drinks are well priced and and bartenders are friendly. 2 pool tables in the back but its so tight back there you literally have to move sometimes for them to take a shot. Parking can be a problem and theres always some hustler trying to charge you for a parking space in the street.

  • Tonkatruck
    Tonkatruck reviewed SX Over a year ago
    Hates it

    This is NOT a leather bar in any way, shape or form. Located in what appears to be under a access ramp of a parking garage. Populated with mostly local fembots in knit shirts and flip flops. And of course the ubiquitous businessman from the mainland with his very young "date". The music is incredibly LOUD. The bartenders are the usual twinks, with plucked eyebrows (an epidemic in Puerto Rico) and not a lock of hair on their chests. This is a leather bar in name only. Don't bother to show up before 12 AM. And even after 12 there were only about 50 people there (Friday night) The "Free,secure parking" turned out to be a outdoor crumbling lot half flooded with raw sewage and 2 "attendants" that informed me it was $5 and that I had to leave by a certain hour because my car was going to block a strippers car (no other spaces available). If you're waiting for a butch bar in Puerto Rico...keep waiting.