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  • Arty Farty Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Tokyo


  • Tokyoguy
    Tokyoguy reviewed Arty Farty Over a year ago
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    Who could ask for more?
    I like this bar. Because, DJ is good, friendly people, many cute Japanese, the drink is very cheap. Example, a beer is just a 600yen. Who could ask for more? Other review is totally unfair and unacceptable for me I think the bartender attitude is similar to HEAVEN/ London. Or Arty is better. Because, they care about your turn. I mean order. They can't speak English well and dying by busy. That's all. You just say what you want. Then they will try to listen to your order. And In Japan, nobody expect to good service by cheap DJ bars/ Club. The music is not stack. DJ play new tracks and dance classics for beginner. If you need solid club music, then check the "ageha". It's biggest gay party in Tokyo. Or maybe "OWL"? Overcharging? It's hard to believe. The price list is always on the order counter. If bartenders did it, you should complain to them. We can dance until 1am by Japanese insane low. This is the reason of they close at 1am. After Arty, people go to "Annex". It's a sister shop of Arty Farty. The both bar is most crowd place at Ni-chome on Saturday night. Many cute guys gather and I think they’re nice and friendly. But it's hard to notice until you say hello to someone. Many times, I have seen single trip foreigners who just standing by the wall and they don't try to talk with people. That's called wasting your time. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for my English skills