63M. Travel a lot and like to drop into places. Not into heavy cruising but like friendly and a bit of a crowd.

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  • Blake's On The Park Midtown, Atlanta
  • Joe's on Juniper Midtown, Atlanta


  • Tofferboy
    Tofferboy reviewed Manhandler Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Yup they know what they want
    Went here as a last ditch on Thursday looking to plug some hog. Whew - got shown who was in charge and took it real hard. These guys know what they want and how to have a great time - all with a thanks, a few smacks on the ass and an invite to suck to boot! Who was I to offend or disappoint :)

  • Tofferboy
    Tofferboy reviewed Blake's On The Park Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good mix...crowd and drinks!
    Just dropped in early and it was reasonably crowded on a Wednesday night. Bartenders friendly and talkative, made sure to welcome me back when I had to leave quickly. This place is VERY gay, btw. Crowd was more diverse than other reviews indicated and drinks were not measured - thankfully.

  • Tofferboy
    Tofferboy reviewed Joe's on Juniper Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Sorry just okay to disappointing
    After a good relaxing lunch here (I simply stumbled into not knowing it was a gay haven at night), I came back for a late dinner. My lunch (good wings and decent salad) waiter, Hayden, was excellent - friendly, attentive, good recommendations and he actually sat down and explained a bit about gay Atlanta. Later that night I tried some of his recs and then headed back for the wonderful patio and dinner. The wings tasted like they had been recooked from lunch and the burger was just okay with a stale bun that was too big for the meat. Worse part was the offensive music bingo DJ who - 1) found a cell phone and noted it was all in Spanish so the owner must work across the street on the construction site or be part of the kitchen staff. Later he used the word "reneg" as in "renegotiating" but threw in "come on, that's not a racial slur, it's a legal term." He was the only one thinking in racial terms, I think, and when he referred to rednecks it sounded more like him. Totally unprofessional, not funny and seemed to place gay people right up there with racists, bigots, and America's finest closed minds - THUS disappointing.