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  • Tido
    Tido reviewed Warm Sands Villas Over a year ago
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    This was our 4th visit to Warm Sand villa. It is so comfortable there that we never thought reviews were needed. Doesn't every one know that is is a great place to stay. We are more mature ( that means over 50) and we never feel that we are the unwanted parents at a youth party. That doesn't mean that there are only the aged as clients. There is a good mix of ages and they all mix. The pool during the day is friendly but not raucous. The evening happy hour social is the best ice breaker we have ever witnessed. Breakfast is the same quality week days as on weekends. Something that is not consistent at other guest houses.The staff are personable and always helpful. Just ask and you will receive(if it isn't illegal or painful). Go see and enjoy T&d