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    I visited this establishment on the evening in which daylight savings time was to go into effect. I was with a small group of friends and we ordered drinks. Approximately ten minutes after we had gotten our drinks, while playing a game of pool, the bartender announced that the bar would be closing a half hour early and that everyone in the bar had three minutes in which to finish drinks and "make [our] way to the exit or [he] would get into trouble.". Exactly three minutes later he came over to my group and physically removed drinks from our hands and informed us that we had to leave. When a member of my group asked if we could finish our drinks quick since we had just paid for them, he responded, "I'm sorry, you have to leave now or I'll get into trouble. I may be a fag, but I'm not a stupid fag and this place will not see any of my business again. Bad business is bad business and in the time of a poor economy, only establishments that earn my cash, will see it.