John K, 67M. Intelllegent professional who has been happily partnered to Jacko (theSoundWeaver) for 29 years. We have lived in many exciting places and certainly have a west and east coast kind of mindset. We enjoy meeting, working and entertaining with similar like minded individuals and couples, especially artists and musicians of all ages. We both have quick wits and love to have non-politically correct discussions while enjoying lunches and dinners at a broad range of venues. Those who know us best find us very grounded, metaphysical and adventurous with an outrageous wacky sense of humor. Physically we are not flambouyant, considered handsome and thought charasmatic by some...not gym bodies for sure, but in decent shape. We find each other to be attractive. LOL, obviously. We are safe and sane, HIV negative. Not really alcohol drinkers or cigarette smokers, but 420 friendly. New to Las Vegas. Wouldn't mind having some select new friends. Why not say hello and welcome us to the area?

Las Vegas, Nevada
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