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    I have stayed at Island House many times over the past few years. Apparently, during a recent visit, the management decided to make some changes. A letter was left in my room advising what the changes were. The changes were neither reflected on the website nor on the brochures at the front desk. The letter stated that the changes were made as a result of comments that were made by the guests. I found the wording of the letter to be insulting to myself and the other guests. Among the changes that I (and the other guests) allegedly requested was that the availability of free coffee be limited to the hours of 7:00 am - 11:00 am. Also happy hour was shortened to 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (cut by 1/2 hour). I don't recall asking that these changes should be made, nor do I think that anyone staying at the resort would request these changes. If the resort had stated that they were having some sort of financial difficulty, and implemented these changes so as not to raise the room rates, I could understand that. But to say that the guests requested these changes is unacceptable. Now for the room: the room was not clean. In the past the room was kept neat, though not spotless. Now the rooms are barely kept clean or neat. They don't replace bathroom items as they run out, and I felt that I was lucky just to be getting clean towels. The pool area is ok. During the Sunday and Wed pool party, they have a nude server who does not provide drink service for everyone. He picks and chooses who he is going to give his time to. The inferior service may have something to do with all the new faces I saw there. The regular staff, couldn't be more friendly. They are the ones who make the stay worth while. Kudos to the permanent staff!